Thursday, 29 January 2015

Latest Principles of Management Interview Questions and Answers(Part3)

11. What is Selection? What are the different selection tests?
Choosing the best candidate among several applicants
1. Achievement Test
2. Intelligence Test
3. Personality Test
4. Aptitude Test
5. Interest test

12. Explain the basic control process
i. Establishment of standards
ii. Actual Performance
iii. Measurement of actual Performance
iv. Comparison between Actual performance with standard
v. Making corrective action.

13. Explain how does operations research helps to enhance Productivity
i. Project scheduling
ii. Optimization functions
iii. Assignment Problems
iv. Linear Programming
v. Simulation Models.

14. What do you understand by principles of Preventive control? Explain its advantages
i. Continuity in operation
ii. Attainment of Quality
iii. Less maintenance cost
iv. Job Satisfaction
v. Safety and Security.

15. What are the important tools and techniques available for system design and improvement?
i. Operations research model
ii. LPP
iii. Inventory Planning and Control
iv. Distribution Logistics
v. Time-event Analysis
vi. Q.C.
vii. CAD/CAM/MAP etc.
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