Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oracle 11g Part4 Interview Questions and Answers

16. What are benefits of this version?
Oracle Virtual Directory aggregates identity sources without consolidation.
Additionally OVD 11g is the only virtual directory on the market that comes with enterprise-class monitoring and reporting in a default configuration.

17. What are the key new features of OVD?
??Unified Directory services administration via Oracle Directory Services Manager (ODSM)
??Deployment accelerators
??Centralized Fusion Middleware log and auditing
??Unified Identity Management installer
??Automated synchronization of OVD cluster configurations

18. Who should upgrade to 11g?
Customers who wish to take advantage of 11g’s new unified directory service management console, who run OVD clusters and/or want to take advantage of native integration with Enterprise Manager.

19. Are 10g customers required to upgrade?
Current OVD customers are not required to upgrade to 11g immediately.

20. Is it possible to upgrade from 10g to 11g?
Yes – the 11g installer automates the upgrade process from 10g to 11g
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