Friday, 30 January 2015

Basic Oracle 11g Interview Questions and Answers(Part5)

21. What platforms are supported?
Supported platforms are listed on the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g platform certification Matrix.

22. Can Oracle Directory Services Manager be used to manage older versions?
No – ODSM can only be used to manage 11g.

23. Can Oracle Virtual Directory Manager 10g be used to manage 11g servers?
No – OVD Manager can only be used to manage 10g servers.

24. What is MapViewer? 
MapViewer is a Java-based visualization tool that is used to render, in map form, location based content and spatial data stored using the spatial feature of Oracle Database. It includes It can also render map and related content from ESRI Shape Files, real-time XML feeds such as GeoRSS, and geographic web services including themes from OpenGeospatial Consortium Web Feature Services.
MapViewer can be used to:
• Create customized maps that show geographic features such as roads, city areas, waterways and other transportation networks.
• Display map themes such as national, state and local boundaries.
• Visualize business data (e.g. population demographics, psychodemo graphics, sales metrics, etc.), to portray and explore relationships that can often best be expressed graphically as geographic maps.
• Complement an applications workflow, providing interaction with mapped data.
• Deliver custom maps over the Internet as a component of JDeveloper or as a standalone tool.

25. What are the new features in MapViewer 11g? 
• Among the many new features and capabilities of MapViewer 11g are:
??Certification on WebLogic Server version 10 and 10.3
• Powerful and open JavaScript/AJAX mapping API for interactive client side mapping
• Support for Safari desktop browser
• Support for ESRI Shape Files
• Support for Google Map tiles (requires a Google Maps API key)
• Interface for 3rd party map tile servers (in JavaScript API)
• Heatmaps
• Secure map rendering (role based map content display)
• Support for OGC Web Feature Server themes and Annotation Text
• Improved Labeling, text styles, and feature rendering
• PDF output support
• Improved Non Spatial Data Provider and External Spatial Data Provider APIs
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