Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oracle 11g Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

6. Is it possible to upgrade from 10g to 11g?
Yes – the 11g installer automates the upgrade process from 10g to 11g.

7. Does Oracle Identity Federation work with 10g version of Oracle Access Manager?
Yes – OIF 11g can work with both 10g and 11g versions of OAM.
Can Oracle Identity Federation 10g run on Oracle WebLogic Server?
No – Customers who wish to deploy OIF on Oracle WebLogic Server, need to upgrade to 11g version.

8. Can Enterprise Manager be used to manage older versions of OIF?
No – Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control can only be used to manage OIF 11g.

9. Oracle Identity Federation and Oracle OpenSSO offer similar benefits. What technology should I choose?
Oracle Identity Federation continues as Oracle’s strategic federation product.

10. What is Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet?
Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet (Fedlet) is feature of OIF 11g. It is a compact, easy to deploy SAMLv2 Service Provider implementation. It includes a small software package and a simple file-based configuration, embeddable into a Service Provider's Java EE or .NET application. Fedlet establishes SSO between an Identity Provider and a Service Provider without requiring a fully featured federation product on the Service Provider side. Deploying Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet does not require extensive knowledge of SAML.
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