Thursday, 29 January 2015

32 TOP Oracle 11g Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Oracle Identity Federation?
Oracle Identity Federation is a complete, enterprise-level and carrier-grade solution for secure identity information exchange between partners. With OIF organizations can do more business online by allowing their business partners secure access to protected applications.
OIF significantly reduces the need to create and manage unnecessary identities in an enterprise directory and lowers the ongoing costs of partner integrations through support of industry federation standards. Oracle Identity Federation protects existing IT investments by integrating with a wide variety of data stores, user directories, authentication providers and applications.

2. What are the benefits of this version?
Oracle Identity Federation 11g delivers the industry's most comprehensive implementation of federation standards delivered via Oracle Universal Federation Framework - unified, extensible and customizable architecture for rapid deployment in any multi-vendor environment.
OIF is the only federation solution on the market that comes deployed on a complimentary Oracle WebLogic - best-of-breed application server container in a default configuration.
Additionally, OIF 11g is the only federation solution on the market that comes with complimentary enterprise-class tools for monitoring, auditing and reporting in a default configuration. Oracle Identity Federation 11g helps customers to quickly achieve cross-domain SSO by providing a complete end-to-end federation deployment package, including a simple and lightweight deployment option for Service Providers – Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet.

3. What are the key new features?
• Multiple federation protocols in a unified, extensible and customizable architecture delivered via Oracle Universal Federation Framework (OUFF)
• Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet - simple, lightweight SAML 2.0 component for Service Providers
• OpenID 2.0 support
• OOTB integration modules for multiple authentication providers (including Infocard, OAM, OSSO, etc.)
• Advanced support for authentication mechanisms
• Support for Oracle WebLogic Server
• Single systems management and administration UI interface
• Enterprise-ready operational management and monitoring delivered via integration with Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
• Centralized Fusion Middleware logging, auditing, and reporting
• Unified Identity Management installer

4. Who should upgrade to 11g?
• Customers who wish to take advantage of 11g’s new unified Oracle Universal Federation Framework
• Customers who wish take advantage of complimentary enterprise-class tools for system management, monitoring, auditing and reporting
• Customers who want to rapidly SSO-enable their federation partners using OpenSSO Fedlet
• Customers looking to accept identity from leading OpenID providers (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or interested in becoming an OpenID provider
• Customers who prefer to deploy OIF on best-of-breed Oracle WebLogic Server Platform

5. Are 10g customers required to upgrade?
Current OIF customers are not required to upgrade to 11g immediately.
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