Friday, 30 January 2015

Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions and answers part2

6.Can we start and stop an application individually and how to increase performance using this?
Ans. We can manage our server resources by starting only applications which receive heavy user traffic. When an application is started, memory is accompanied by all associated data bases.

7. Explain custom based macro?
Ans. We write Ess base calculator functions and special macro functions under Ess base macros. Custom defined macros makes use of an internal Ess base macro language that enables to combine calculation functions and also helpful to operate on multiple input parameters.

8. Explain data file cache?
Ans. It represents buffer in memory which holds compressed data files (.PAG ).

9. What does “DOU” mean?
Ans. In reference to RPG, DOU means (Do Until).This will execute a loop matched with an End or End do
For instance
Eval X=1
Eval X=X=1
This example will go through the loop 4 times with the result of X being 4.
“DOU” is similar to Do While(“DOW”) where the difference lies in that the DOU will always perform 1 pass through the loop and DOW will perform the comparison and only continue into the loop if the condition meets else the program continues after the
End (EndDo).
For example
Eval X=1
The result is that the loop will not execute and the value of X will be 1.

10. Which property helps us to consider using ACE ?
Ans. A very little population of inter company data forces us to consider using ACE.
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