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35 TOP Hyperion Interview Questions and Answers (Part1)

1. Define Hyperion?
Ans. Hyperion is Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM ) tool. It is the market leader in Operational , Financial and Strategic Planning.
It contains the applications for reporting, Planning , dashboards, Analysis, scorecarding, consolidation, Workspace, Master Data Management and Foundation.

2. Explain Olap and mention if it is related to HYPERION FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ?
Ans. Hyperion HFM/ Hyperion Planning both are Essbase based. They are front-end tech and Ess-base is the back end. Ess-base is a M-OLAP. There are three types of OLAP technology present in the market.
These are ROLAP, MOLAP and HOLAP.
An example of ROLAP is BO. Here we deal with table and they acts as a virtual cube. But if we think about Oracle Express Hyperion Essbase and Cognos then they are real cubes. Thus MOLAP.
In case of BO, we need to join to attain the OLAP effect virtually but behind is a joined table. But in Case of
MOLAP there is no concept of table it is cube only.
For example a page is a table then a Book is a Cube.
If the data is large then it is advisable to take up ROLAP not MOLAP. because the performance of the cubes degrade. If the size of data is arround 100 GB to 150 GB then it is fine to go with MOLAP and if it is more then that then we should choose BO.

3. Explain why we use Hyperion?
Ans. We have IIS for HFM although there is no IIS for OLAp’s. If there is no IIS then it is a time taking process
to retrieve financial data.

4. Is it possible to have one ASO database and one BSO database in a single application. Justify .
Ans. No because ASO/BSO classification is defined at Application level and not at the database.

5. Can we have multiple databases in single application?
Ans. Yes, in this one database per application.
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