Thursday, 29 January 2015

20 TOP Principles of Management Interview Questions and Answers

1. Define Management. What are the functions managers perform to attain the set goals?
Management is the art of getting things done through the people
1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Staffing
4. Directing
5. Controlling

2. What are different types of Plans? Explain
1. Mission or purpose
2. Goals and Objectives
3. Strategies
4. Policies, procedures, rules
5. Programmes and projects
6. Budget.
A brief discussion about all types of plans are required.

3. What is Planning? Explain the steps involved in Planning Decision making for the future is called Planning.
Steps in Planning :
1. Being aware of opportunity
2. Establishing goals and objectives
3. consideration of Planning Premises
4. Identification of alternatives
5. Evaluation of Alternatives
6. Selection of the best alternative
7. making supportive plans
8. Number zing the plans.

4. What is MBO? Explain the steps involved in MBO Comprehensive management function it has wider applications like planning, motivation, performance evaluation.
Steps in MBO
1. Establishing enterprise objectives
2. Considering Planning Premises
3. Key Result Areas
4. Appropriate Organization
5. Setting objectives
for superiors
6. superiors Recommendation of subordinates objectives
7. subordinates statement of their own objectives
8. Matching with resources.
9. Setting subordinates objectives
10. Actual performance
11. Performance Review
12. Corrective Action.

5. Discuss in detail the "Selection Process"
1. Screening Application Forms
2. Selection Tests
3. Interviews
4. Checking References
5. Physical Examination
6. Approval By appropriate authority
7. Placement.
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