Thursday, 3 September 2015

Top 50 Medical Officer Objective type Questions and Answers

1) a bed patient in a hospital is called a
  A. inpatient (Correct Answer)
  B. outpatient
  C. third party payer
  D. provider
Ans: A

2) one who acts for the insured or the carrier in a claim is called
  A. doctor
  B. adjuster (Correct Answer)
  C. provider
  D. subscriber
Ans: B

3) a request for payment under an insurance contractor bond is called a(an)
  A. insurance application
  B. claim (Correct Answer)
  C. dual choice request
  D. total disability
Ans: B

4) payment made periodically to keep an insurance policy in force is called
  A. time limit
  B. premium (Correct Answer)
  C. coinsurance
  D. fee for service
Ans: B

5) a person or institution that gives medical care is an
  A. third party payer
  B. provider (Correct Answer)
  C. adjuster
  D. insurance agent
Ans: B

6) Benefits in the form of cash payments rather than service are called
  A. indemnity (Correct Answer)
  B. hospital benefits
  C. catastrophic health benefits
  D. cash advances
Ans: A

7) An Amount the insured must pay before policy benefits begin is called
  A. indemnity
  B. extended benefits
  C. deductible (Correct Answer)
  D. catastrophic
Ans: C

8) an organization that offers insurance against losses in exchange for a premium is called a
  A. rider
  B. health maintenance organization (Correct Answer)
  C. member physician
  D. bank
Ans: B

9) health insurance that provides protection against the high cost of treating severe or lengthy illnesses or disabilities is called
  A. catastrophic (Correct Answer)
  B. severe
  C. third party payer
  D. none of the above
Ans: A

10) a patient receiving ambulatory care at a hospital or other health facility without being admitted as a bed patient is called a (an)
  A. inpatient
  B. outpatient (Correct Answer)
  C. carrier
  D. adjuster
Ans: B

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