Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Top 50 CISSP Objective Type Questions And Answers

1. When an attacker sends unsolicited communication, it is an example of:
A. Spoofing
B. Spamming
C. Crackers
D. Sniffers
Ans: B

2. Masquerading is:
  A. Attempting to hack a system through backdoors to an operating system or application
  B. Pretending to be an authorized user
  C. Always done through IP spoofing
  D. Applying a subnet mask to an internal IP range
Ans: B

3. Integrity is protection of data from all of the following EXCEPT:
  A. Unauthorized changes
  B. Accidental changes
  C. Data analysis
  D. Intentional manipulation
Ans: C

4. A security program cannot address which of the following business goals?
  A. Accuracy of information
  B. Change control
  C. User expectations
  D. Prevention of fraud
Ans: A

5. In most cases, integrity is enforced through:
  A. Physical security
  B. Logical security
  C. Confidentiality
  D. Access controls
Ans: D

6. A “well-formed transaction” is one that:
  A. Has all the necessary paperwork to substantiate the transaction.
  B. Is based on clear business objectives.
  C. Ensures that data can be manipulated only by a specific set of programs.
  D. Is subject to duplicate processing.
Ans: C
7. In an accounting department, several people are required to complete a financial process. This is most likely an example of:
  A. Segregation of duties
  B. Rotation of duties
  C. Need-to-know
  D. Collusion
Ans: A

8. Risk Management is commonly understood as all of the following EXCEPT:
  A. Analyzing and assessing risk
  B. Identifying risk
  C. Accepting or mitigation of risk
  D. Likelihood of a risk occurring
Ans: D

9. The percentage or degree of damage inflicted on an asset used in the calculation of single loss expectancy can be referred to as:
  A. Exposure Factor (EF)
  B. Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO)
  C. Vulnerability
  D. Likelihood
Ans: A

10. The absence of a fire-suppression system would be best characterized as a(n):
  A. Exposure
  B. Threat
  C. Vulnerability
  D. Risk
Ans: C

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