Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Top 47 Crane Operator Objective type Questions and Answers

1.  what hand signals shall be use? 
A. Upside down
B . Standard (Correct Answer)
C. Verbal
D. Pig Latin (Your Answer)
Ans: B

2.  Are we required to qualify our signal persons? 
A. Yes  (Correct Answer)
B. No
Ans: A

3. How many people can five signals to the operator 
A. One  (Correct Answer)
B. Two
C. Three  (Your Answer)
Ans: A

4. What happens to the operating radius as load is placed on the crane? 
A. It remains the same
B. It increases with boom deflection  (Correct Answer)
C. It decreases  (Your Answer)
Ans: B

5.  When should the radios to be used to signal a crane be tested? 
A. Annually
B. Daily
C. Prior to the beginning of the operation v (Correct Answer)
D. At the end of each shift (Your Answer)
Ans: C

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