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Top 40 Cloning Objective Type Questions And Answers

1.Which of the following is a description of a clone?

A. the nucleus of a normal body cell
B. a  group of cells or organisms which are genetically identical and have all been produced from the same original cell
C. a  group of cells from the inner layer of an embryo which can grow into a variety of tissues
D. a  group of organisms with the same parents
Ans: B
2.Adult cell cloning is also known as:

A. embryo cloning
B. biomedical cloning
C. research cloning
D. reproductive cloning
Ans: D

3.Dolly the sheep was cloned from which type of differentiated adult cell?

A. udder
B. skin
C. blood
D. kidney
Ans: A

4.In embryo cloning one embryo is split to form a number of identical embryos which are then implanted into surrogate mothers. Which of the following statements is NOT true about embryo cloning?

A. it is a form of artificial twinning
B. each animal born is identical to the others
C. it is used to replicate embryos which have been genetically modified to produce human therapeutic proteins
D. the egg and nucleus are treated by a mild electric shock to stimulate development
Ans: D

5.Which of the following terms is another name for somatic cell nuclear transfer?
A. embryo cloning
B. biomedical cloning
C. adult cell cloning
D. reproductive cloning
Ans: B

6.The aim of therapeutic cloning is to produce stem cells which may give rise to new tissues or organs. However there are some ethical objections to the process, mainly because it involves the formation of:

A. insulin producing cells
B. stem cells
C. cloned human embryos
D. cloned spinal cord
Ans: C

7.Which of the following statements is NOT true about mammalian cloning:

A. many cloned embryos and live offspring have developmental problems
B. it has a poor success rate
C. up to three different females are needed
D. it is an easy, reliable procedure
Ans: D

8.A great deal of work into the cloning of mammals has gone on since the birth of Dolly the sheep. Which of the following species of mammals has not, so far, been cloned?

A. cat
B. pig
C. chimpanzee
D. cow
Ans: C

9. Opponents of gene therapy insist that
a. Germ-line therapy is permissible
b. Gene therapy is harmless
c. Reproductive freedom has limits
d. Reproductive freedom is a personal right
Ans: C

10. In agriculture, cloning to propagate plant strains is
  a. Prohibited
  b. Commonplace
  c. Rare
  d. Not technically feasible
Ans: B

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