Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 27 ETL Testing Objective type Questions and Answers

1      All data in flat file is in this format.
A.    Sort
B.      ETL
C.     Format
D.      String
Ans:  D
2        It is used to push data into a relation database table. This control will be the destination for most fact table data flows.
A.   Web Scraping
B.     Data inspection
C.     OLE DB Source
D.    OLE DB Destination
Ans:  D

3       Logical Data Maps
A.   These are used to identify which fields from which sources are going to with destinations. It allows the ETL developer to identify if there is a need to do a data type change or aggregation prior to beginning coding of an ETL process.
B.   These can be used to flag an entire file-set that is ready for processing by the ETL process. It contains no meaningful data bu the fact it exists is the key to the process.
C.  Data is pulled from multiple sources to be merged into one or more destinations.
D.  It is used to massage data in transit between the source and destination.
Ans:  A

4    Data access methods.
A.  Pull Method
B.   Push and Pull
C. Load in Parallel
D.  Union all
Ans:  B

5      OLTP
A.   Process to move data from a source to destination.
B.   Transactional database that is typically attached to an application. This source provides the benefit of known data types and standardized access methods. This system enforces data integrity.
C.  All data in flat file is in this format.
D. This control can be used to add columns to the stream or make modifications to data within the stream. Should be used for simple modifications.
Ans:  B

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