Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 22 Environment Management Objective type Questions and Answers

1. What is industrial symbiosis

A.    When industries co-operate so that a product produced by one of them is part of a larger product produced by the other.
B.    When industries co-operate by integrating environmental work so that common environmental management systems is established.
C.    When industries co-operate so that the waste of one serve as input in the others production as for example heat.
Ans: C
2. Which of the certification systems EMAS or ISO 14001 is the most challenging for a company

B. ISO 14001
C. They are in principle the same
3. FSC means:

A. Federal System of Certification is the dominant environmental certification system in the US
B. Forest Stewardship Council, a certification system for the forest industry
C. Falcon Swan Certification, a combined label of environmental excellency verified by the Nordic Council and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Ans: B
4. A functional unit is

A. The average amount of exergy (in Joule) that is needed to produce a product or service that satisfy a special function
B. The average amount of material input that is needed to produce a product or service that satisfy a special function
C. The function that a product or service is intended to satisfy
Ans: C
5. System boundaries are:

A. Circumstances that are included or excluded from life cycle analysis studies
B. Processes which are included in an Environmental management system and others that are excluded
C. The ecological footprint of a product or service in relation to circumstances to be excluded
Ans: A

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