Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Top 110 VB.Net Interview Questions and Answers

1. what is vb.net?
vb.net is a windows based programming language.it supports oops concept.

2. what is the base class of .net?

3. what is difference between namespace and assembly?
namespace is a collection of different classes. whereas an assembly is the basic building blocks of the .net framework.

4. what is the difference between early binding and late binding?
calling a non-virtual method, decided at a compile time is known as early binding. calling a virtual method (pure polymorphism), decided at a runtime is known as late binding.

5. what is intermediate langauge?
microsoft intermediate language(msil or il) is the cpu -independent instruction set into which .net framework programs are compiled. it contains instructions for loading, storing initializing, and calling methods on objects.

6. what is commom language runtime?
clr also known as common language run time provides a environment in which program are executed, it activate object, perform security check on them, lay them out in the memory, execute them and garbage collect them.

7. what is common type system?
the common type system is a rich type system, built into the common language runtime, which supports the types and operations found in most programming languages.

8. what is common language specification?
The common language specification is a set of constructs and constraints that serves as a guide for library writers and compiler writers.

9.What’s the difference between private and shared assembly?
private assembly is used inside an application only and does not have to be identified by a strong name.
shared assembly can be used by multiple applications and has to have a strong name.

10. What namespace does the web page belong in the .net framework class hierarchy?

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