Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 10 Event Manager Objective type Questions and Answers

1. The most important information a meeting planner can determine prior to an event is:
A. Past events held by the group.
B. Expected attendance.
C. The budget.
D. Group demographics.
Ans: C

2. The first area of expertise before becoming a special event consultant is:
A. Food and Beverage.
B. Catering sales.
C. Convention Services Manager.
D. Marketing sales.
Ans: A

3. Convention center events are usually booked at least:
A. Eighteen months in advance.
B. Twenty-four months in advance.
C. Thirty-six months in advance.
D. Five years in advance.
Ans: A

4. The mission of the ______ is to educate, advance, and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries.
Ans: B

5. ____________is the second stage in the event planning process.
A. Planning
B. Research
C. Design
D. Evaluation
Ans: C

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