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Product Monitoring Objective type Questions and Answers

11 .     Just-in-time (JIT) does NOT include which one of the following? 
A. Fast-throughout manufacturing
B. High inventory production
C. Batch sizes of one
D. Lean manufacturing
Ans: B

12 .     Basic just-in-time techniques do NOT include: 
A. Quality of working life (QWL)
B. Flexibility
C. Line-stop authority
D. Market research
 Ans: D

13 . Visibility measures used in just-in-time (JIT) would NOT include: 
A. Hidden TV cameras to monitor individual staff at work
B. Samples of competitor's products, including good and defective items
C. Visual control items such as kanban
D. Displays showing improvement techniques and checklists
Ans: A

14 .   Just-in-time (JIT) does not require: 
A. Customer demands met from production not inventory
B. Dependable supply parts and reliable equipment
C. Focus on high capacity utilisation
D. No disruption in production due to quality errors
Ans: C

15 .     Which of the following statements about Just-in-Time is correct? 
A. JIT seeks to reduce inventory in an effort to reduce waste
B. JIT pushes inventory through the operations process
C. JIT is essential for a company involved in project work
D. JIT is only useful in a high product variety environment
Ans: A
16.     Just-in-Time production implies: 
A. An increase in total inventory to cater for the likelihood of more frequent stock-outs
B. That increased complexity means that processes must be controlled using computer based production systems
C. A wide range of suppliers will be needed to meet increased demand
D. Large batches of similar products will need to be manufactured to increase efficiency
E. That products will be pulled through the operations system to meet customer demand
Ans: E

17.     Which one of the following would not be considered a pre-requisite for successful Just-in-Time production? 
A. Sophisticated production and materials planning computer systems
B. Reliable deliveries of defect-free materials
C. Low variety of product range
D. Relative stability of demand
E. Preventive maintenance of equipment
Ans: A

18 .     Which one of the following would be considered a pre-requisite for successful Just-in-Time production? 
A. The preparation of a Master Production Schedule
B. Preventive maintenance of equipment
C. Suppliers in multiple locations
D. High variety of product range
E. Sophisticated production and materials planning computer systems
Ans: B

19. Which of the following statements is NOT a ISO9001 requirement?
A. The organization shall determine the necessary competence for personnel performing work affecting product quality.
B. The organization shall establish and maintain a procedure to identify and have access to legal requirements that are applicable to quality aspects of its products and/or services.
C. Top management shall ensure that the quality policy is appropriate to the purpose of the organization.
D. A documented procedure shall be established to define requirements for determining potential nonconformities and their causes.
Ans: B

20. What is the first stage in any quality improvement initiative?
A. Planning
B. Check the talk
C. Analyse the data
D. Management commitment
Ans: D

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