Friday, 4 September 2015

PERL Objective type Questions and Answers

6)The "+=" is which type of operator?
A. comparison operators
B. Arithmetic operators

C. Increment/ decrement operators
D. Assignment operators
Ans:  D
7)Select comparison operator from the options.
A. *=
B. &&
C. !=
D. =
Ans:  C
8)Scalar stores -
A. Multiple value
B. Single value
C. Double value
D. Float value
Ans:  B
9)The "%" is used for
A. Scalar variables
B. Hash variable
C. Arrays
D. Subroutines
Ans:  B
10)What is used to identify the Subroutine?
A. @
B. $
C. &
D. #
Ans:  C

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