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Page 8 VB.Net Interview Questions and Answers

71. What is difference between inline and code behind?
Inline code written along side the html in a page. code-behind is code written in a separate file and referenced by the .aspx page.

72. What is an abstract class?
An abstract class is a class that must be inherited and have the methods overridden. an abstract class is essentially a blueprint for a class without any implementation.

73. What is the difference between datagrid and gridview?
Datagrid is used in windows application and gridview is used in web and in datagrid we cannot write the code for datagrid properties where as for grid view we can write the code like template column item template etc this will not be done in datagrid.

74. What is the use of system.diagnostics.process class?
The system.diagnostics namespace provides the interfaces, classes, enumerations and structures that are used for tracing.
the system.diagnostics namespace provides two classes named trace and debug that are used for writing errors and application execution information in logs.

75. What is the difference between static or dynamic assemblies?
Assemblies can be static or dynamic.
Static assemblies :
can include .net framework types (interfaces and classes), as well as resources for the assembly (bitmaps, jpeg files, resource files, and so on).staticassemblies are stored on disk in portable executable (pe) files.
Dynamic assemblies :
which are run directly from memory and are not saved to disk before execution. you can save dynamic assemblies to disk after they have executed.

76. What are the difference between structure and class?
structures are value type and classes are reference type.
structures can not have contractors or destructors. classes can have both contractors and destructors.
structures do not support inheritance, while classes support inheritance

77. What is difference between class and interface?
Class : is logical representation of object. it is collection of data and related sub procedures with defination.
Interface : is also a class containg methods which is not having any definations.class does not support multiple inheritance. but interface can support.

78. What is the use of errorprovider control?
The errorprovider control is used to indicate invalid data on a data entry form.

79. How many languages .net is supporting now?
When .net was introduced it came with several languages. vb.net, c#, cobol and perl, etc. 44 languages are supported.

80. How many .net languages can a single .net dll contain?

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