Thursday, 3 September 2015

MultiMedia Objective type Questions and Answers

11. Which of the following best describes the process of streaming?
A) Playing audio files.
B) Delaying playing a multimedia element until enough data has been buffered so the element can play uninterrupted.
C) Reducing the load time of a Web page by streamlining operations.
D) Sending packets to a Web server so improve server performance.
Ans: b

12. What does AIFF stand for?
A) Audio Interchange File Format
B) Audio Interchange File Folder
C) ASCII Interchange File Format
D) Audio Internet File Format
Ans: A

13. Which company developed the AU audio format?
A) Apple
B) Sun
C) Netscape
D) Cisco
Ans: B

14. What does MIDI stand for?
A) Musical Internet Digital Interface
B) Musical Internet Digital Interrupt
C) Musical Instrument Digital Interface
D) Musical Instrument Download Interface
Ans: C

15. Which one of the following audio formats was developed by Microsoft?
C) RealAudio
Ans: D

16. Which of the following tags cannot be used to include audio on a Web page?
Ans: C

17. Which of the following statements is true?
A) MIDI files are generally larger than WAV files.
B) Video files are generally much larger than audio files.
C) Audio and video are one and the same.
D) Nearly all 5 minute movie clips are under 1M in size.
Ans: B

18. An audio repository is which of the following?
A) A Web presentation that warehouses audio files.
B) A library cataloging all MIDI music.
C) A Web site that provides tutorials on sound.
D) A Web server capable of playing audio files.
Ans: A

19. What does AVI stand for?
A) Audio for Voice on the Internet
B) Audio Voice Interleaved
C) Audio Video Interleaved
D) Adapted Video for Internet
Ans: C

20. Which of the following does MPEG stand for?
A) Movie Protocol Experts Group
B) Movie Protocol Experimentation Group
C) Motion Picture Experts Group
D) Movie and Protocols Engineering Group
Ans: C

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