Thursday, 3 September 2015

MS Dynamics Objective type Questions and Answers

6.In which two circumstances does the auto save process save changes to Lead records?(Choose TWO) 
A. When a user exits a changed record
B. Every 30 seconds
C. When a user creates the record
D. Every 120 seconds
E. Every time a user moves the focus out of an edited field
Answer: A,B

7. Which field is required to create a new Opportunity record? 
A. Originating Lead
B. Customer
C. Topic
D. Contact
E. Account
Answer: C

8.When you qualify a lead, which two records will also be created?(Choose TWO) 
A. Account
B. Contract
C. Campaign Response
D. Opportunity
E. Contact
Answer: A,D

9.Which type of activity can you convert to a Lead? 
A. Task
B. Appointment
C. Email
D. Fax
Answer: C

10. When creating a Lead, which type of information can you enter on the Main Lead form? 
A. Goals
B. Competitors
C. Additional addresses
D. Products
Answer: B

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