Thursday, 3 September 2015

Legal Advisor Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. Normally, a bail application or hearing must be made available within:
 a. 48 hours of the arrest
 b. 24 hours of the arrest
 c. 7 days of the arrest
 d. 72 hours of the arrest
Ans: B

32. An accused may be released by signing a promise to appear, known as:
 a. surety
 b. peace bond
 c. recognizance
 d. affidavit
Ans: C

33. Less serious offences in Canada are known as:
 a. felony
 b. indictable
 c. summary conviction
 d. misdemeanor
Ans: C

34. A preliminary hearing is held to determine:
 a. If there is enough evidence to put the accused person on trial
 b. If there is enough evidence to put the accused person in prison
 c. If a person should be charged with a summary or indictable offence
 d. If a person can be released pending trial

Ans: A

35. In a criminal case that goes to court, who takes action against the defendant?

A. The judge
B. The claimant
C. The Prosecutor
D. The Jury
Ans:  C

36. What is the first court a criminal case will be brought to?

A. Crown court
B. High court
C. County court
D. Magistrates court
Ans:  D

37. In a civil action, what terms is given about the defendant if the claimant wins their case?

A. Offender
B. Liable
C. Guilty
D. Not Liable
Ans: B

38. Civil liability means:

A. The claimant has lost their case
B. The claimant has been found guilty
C. The defendant faces a prison sentence
D. The defendant has been found to have wronged another
Ans: d

39. If a defendant is compelled to carry out particular actions, this is called:

A. Paying damages
B. Injunction
C. Recission
D. Specific Performance
Ans: D

40. What is called when a claimant is released from a contract?

A. Liability
B. Performance
C. Recission
D. Breach
Ans: C

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