Thursday, 3 September 2015

Latest Top Hardware & Networking Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

51) Which of the following is used to store data and programs for repeated use, can be added and deleted at will, and will not lose its data when power is removed?
  A. L3 Cache
  B. Hard drive
  C. ROM
  D. Ram
Ans: B

52) How many usable IP addresses can you get from a conventional Class C address?
  A. 254
  B. 128
  C. 256
  D. 192
Ans: A

54) Where can you view, disable and enable services that run at startup?
  A. device manager
  B. Windows Explorer
  C. msconfig
  D. regedit32
Ans: C points earned: 0 out of 2

55) Which of the following is not a valid Windows startup mode? 
  A. last known good configuration
  B. DOS safe mode
  C. safe mode
  D. start Windows normally
Ans: B points earned: 0 out of 2

56) To trace the route to Google's Web server type ___________________ at the command prompt.
  A. trace\
  B. trace route\
  C. tracer
  D. tracert
Ans: C points earned: 0 out of 2

57) Your HDD does not respond upon powering ON your computer. What is the most likely problem?:
  A. Bad data cable
  B. Incorrect jumper setting on drive
  C. Loose Molex connector
  D. Virus
Ans: C

58) "By Ohm's Law, current is ___________  proportional to voltage.
  A. Directly
  B. Inversely
  C. Both
  D. None
Ans: A

59) What is the maximum number of computers allowed on a peer to peer network in Windows XP?                                  
  A. 5
  B. 3
  C. 128
  D. 2
Ans: D

60) How would the number 231 be expressed as a binary number?
  A. 11011111
  B. 11011011
  C. 11100111
  D. 11010011
Ans: C

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