Thursday, 3 September 2015

jQuery Objective type Questions and Answers

11. Which jQuery method is used to set one or more style properties for selected elements?
A. css()
B. html()
C. style()
12. Which jQuery method is used to perform an asynchronous HTTP request?
A. jQuery.ajaxAsync()
B. jQuery.ajax()
C. jQuery.ajaxSetup()
13. What is the correct jQuery code for making all div elements 100 pixels high?
A. $("div").height="100"
B. $("div").height(100)
C. $("div").yPos(100)
14. Which statement is true?
A. To use jQuery, you must buy the jQuery library at
B. To use jQuery, you do not have to do anything. Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera) have the jQuery library built in the browser
C. To use jQuery, you can refer to a hosted jQuery library at Google
Ans: A
15. What scripting language is jQuery written in?
A. VBScript
B. JavaScript
C. C#
D. C++
Ans: B
16. Which jQuery function is used to prevent code from running, before the document is finished loading?
A. $(document).load()
B. $(document).ready()
C. $(body).onload()
 17. Which jQuery method should be used to deal with name conflicts?
A. noNameConflict()
B. noConflict()
C. nameConflict()
D. conflict()
18. Which jQuery method is used to switch between adding/removing one or more classes (for CSS) from selected elements?
A. toggleClass()
B. switch()
C. altClass()
D. switchClass()
Ans: D

19. Look at the following jQuery selector: $("div#intro .head"). What does it select?
A. The first element with id="head" inside any div element with class="intro"
B. All elements with class="head" inside the first div element with id="intro"
C. All div elements with id="intro" or class="head"
20. Is jQuery a W3C standard?
A. No
B. Yes
  Ans: B

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