Monday, 21 September 2015

Job Interview AJAX Interview Questions and Answers

36. What are all the security issues of Ajax?
Security issues that can be encountered
    When Ajax calls are sent through plain text and it may lead to know the database details
    Inserting scripts can also be possible and attackers can easily penetrate into the system

37. How can we handle concurrent requests?
Javascript functions should be written to handle concurrent requests and call back function can be passed as a parameter. Those parameters are passed to AjaxInteraction(URL, callback) object.

38. Define the role of the Update Panel?
Update Panel is used to add functionality to the existing ASP.NET applications. By using partial page rendering, it can be used to update the content. Refresh can be made for the partial page instead of whole page.

39. Can we use nested update panel in Ajax?
Yes, we can use nested update panel in Ajax. Update panels can be nested to have more control over the Page Refresh.

40. What are the types of post back in Ajax?
There are two types of post backs:
    Synchronous Postback
    Asynchronous Postback

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