Thursday, 3 September 2015

IOS Online Quiz Questions And Answers

31. In which of the following modes in Cisco's IOS can you issue showcommands?
A. User
B. Privileged
C. Line Configuration
D. Global Configuration
Ans: A,B

32. You are the network administrator for a large corporation. You want to be able to store all your configurations in a centralized location. Which of these servers will allow you to do so? (Choose all that apply.)
D. Oracle
Ans: A,B

33. You need to troubleshoot your network IP connectivity. Which of the following commands would you use to find the IP address on your Ethernet 0 interface?
A. ping
B. IPConfig
C. traceroute
D. Show interface Ethernet 0
Ans: D

34. Which command would you use in the CLI at User mode to enter Privileged EXEC mode?
A. Privilege
B. Admin
C. Enable
D. Disable
Ans: C

35. You have just received 14 Catalyst 3550 switches for your network. What is required to get them functioning correctly in your network?
A. Nothing
B. Set up an IP address on the switch
C. Interconnect them to routers
D. Install the Cisco IOS
Ans: A

36. Which of the following prompts indicates your router is in Privileged EXEC mode?
A. Router>
B. Router#
C. Router&
D. Router$
Ans: B

37. You have made a console connection to your Cisco Catalyst 1900 series switch and you see the > symbol in HyperTerminal. What does it mean?
A. You are in Privileged EXEC mode.
B. You are in User EXEC mode.
C. The switch has not been configured.
D. The switch is in need of repairs.
Ans: B

38. You would like to assign a meaningful name to your Catalyst 1900 series switch—what command should you use?
A. enable
B. host name
C. hostname
D. name
Ans: C

39. You need to assign an IP address to your Catalyst 1912 switch. You are at the HQ_SW1>prompt. What is the correct series of commands? (cr = carriage return)
A. enable <cr> ip address
B. enable <cr> ip address
C. enable <cr> configure terminal <cr> ip address
D. enable <cr> configure terminal <cr> ip address
Ans: D

40. Which of the following commands displays the syntax for the clock command?
A. cl?
B. clock?
C. clock ?
D. cl ?
Ans: C

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