Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hotel Administration Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. The __________ is used as the benchmark quotation of a hotel's room rate.
A. Restricted rate
B. Corporate rate
C. Rack rate
D. Discount rate
Ans: C

22. The ___________ allows hotels and their corporate office to access rooms' inventory and make reservations simultaneously.
A. Concierge
B. Central reservations system
C. Front-desk clerk
D. Internet
Ans: B

23. _______ in housekeeping is measured by the number of hours each person takes to clean an occupied room.
A. Productivity
B. Average daily occupancy
C. Effectiveness
D. Budgeted costs
Ans: A

24. _______ is one of the highest concerns of guests who visit hospitality businesses.
A. Comfort
B. Security
C. Location
D. Food and beverage
Ans: B

25. ________ will monitor reservations and, based on previous trends and current demand, determine the number and type of rooms to sell at what price to obtain the maximum revenue.
A. Revenue management
B. Reservations management
C. Front-desk operations
D. Daily revenue trends
Ans: A

26. Which of the following represents the most significant cost in kitchen operations?
A. Maintenance
B. Uniforms
C. Utilities
D. Labor
Ans: D

27. The food and beverage department often contributes what profit margin from operations?
A. 10 - 15%
B. 25 - 30%
C. 35 - 40%
D. 15 - 18%
Ans: B

28. Who is generally in charge in a hotel kitchen?
A. Garde manger
B. Chef tournant
C. Executive chef
D. Sous chef
Ans: C

29. Which of the following is not one of the critical ratios in food and beverage operations?
A. Labor cost percentage
B. Contribution margin
C. Food cost percentage
D. Covers-per-person per hour
Ans: D

30. Larger hotels will employ a person that rotates through the cooking stations to relieve station chef heads. This person is:
A. Chef brigade
B. Chef de partie
C. Sous chef
D. Chef tournant
Ans: D

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