Thursday, 3 September 2015

Homeopathy Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21. Who is known as the father of homeopathy ?
A. Aristotle
B. Hahnemann
C. Hippocrates
D. Kent
Ans: B

22. Which of these is used to prepare homeopathic preparations?
A. Animals
B. Plants
C. Chemicals
D. All of these
Ans: D

23. Which is the authoritative work which explains the principles of homeopathy?
A. Repertory of Medicine
B. Organon of Medicine
C. Materia Medica Pura
D. None of the above
Ans: B

24. Homeopathy uses preparations known as nosodes. What are they ?
A. Animal extracts
B. Extracts from minerals
C. Plant extracts
D. Disease extracts
Ans: D

25. Who discovered the homeopathic preparation 'Lachesis' ?
A. Hering
B. Clarke
C. Kent
D. Boenninghausen
Ans: A

26. Which of the following is a high potency preparation used in homeopathy ?
A. 6c
B. 30c
C. 6x
D. 6M
Ans: D

27. A variation of homeopathy is another system known as 'Biochemic remedies' or 'Tissue salts'. Which of the following preparations is a biochemic remedy?
A. Silica
B. Kali Bich
C. Arnica montana
D. Plumbum met
Ans: A

28. A homeopathic remedy becomes stronger:
A. the less diluted it is
B. the more diluted it is
C. when mixed with other homeopathic remedies
D. after you swallow it
Ans: B

29. Traditionally, homeopaths prefer to use:
A. only one homeopathic medicine at a time
B. a combination of substances
C. homeopathic remedies and aspirin
D. no medicines at all
Ans: A

30. Homeopaths may be:
A. medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths or nurses
B. naturopathic physicians
C. lay people with some training
D. any of the above
Ans: D

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