Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hardware & Networking Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

21) NIC Stands for
  A. Network Interface Card
  B. Network Internal Card
  C. Network Internet Client
  D. Network Input Card
Ans: A

22) IP address means
  A. Internet Protocol
  B. Internal power
  C. Intranet protocol
  D. Internal protocol
Ans: A

23) Which is a volatile memory
  A. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  B. Read Only Memory (ROM)
  C. Programmeable Read Only Memory
  D. Read Only Memory Programmeable RAM
Ans: A

24) Total keys keyboard is most popular
  A. 123
  B. 111
  C. 101
D. 134
Ans: C

25) Spool stands for
  A. Serial Printer Object Oriented Language
  B. Simultaneous Peripheral Output On-Line
  C. System Protocol Optimization OutLiner
  D. Single Program Operating system Operation Link
Ans: B

26) What is the complete name of UPS?
  A. Unplugged Power Supply
  B. Uninterruptible Power Supply
C. Unplugged Program Supply
  D. Uninterruptible Plug Supply
Ans: B

27) How many logical drives is it possible to fit onto a physical disk?
  A. Maximum of 4 logical drives
  B. Maximum of 8 logical drives
  C. Maximum of 16 logical drives
  D. Maximum of 24 logical drives
Ans: D

28) wildcards in Windows?
  A. ^,*,<
  B. @,!,É
  C. É,¢,$
  D. *,$,?
Ans: D

29) "www" stands for
  A. World Wide Web
  B. World Wide Wares
  C. World Wide War
  D. World Wide Wait
Ans: A

30) Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte.
  A. One Million
  B. Ten Thousand
  C. One Hundred
  D. One Thousand
Ans: A

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