Thursday, 24 September 2015

Freshers Linux Interview Questions and Answers pdf

11. File which stores the DNS configuration

12. Main configuration file and command used for NFS enabling exported directories and deamons
/etc/exports and exportfs -av , deamons are quotad, portmapper, mountd, nfsd and nlockmgr/status

13. What is command to check ports running/used over local machine
netstat -antp

14. What is the difference between soft and hard links
Soft Links =>
1) Soft link files will have different inode numbers then source file
2) If original file deleted then soft link file be of no use
3) Soft links are not updated
4) Can create links between directories
5) Can cross file system boundaries

Hard Links => 1) Hard links will have the same inode number as source file
2) Hard links can not link directories
3) Can not cross file system boundaries
4) Hard links always refers to the source, even if moved or removed

15. Display or Kill all processes which are accessing any folder/file
Display User who are using file/folder : fuser -u file/folder
Kill All Processes which are using file/folder: fuser -k file/folder

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