Friday, 25 September 2015

Frequently Asked Linux Objective type Questions and Answers pdf

46. On success fork return ______ to parent process ?
A. 0
B. 1
C. parent process id
D. child process Id
Ans: D

47. Which of the following command kill all the process including shell ?
A. kill kill 0
B. kill -9 kill 0
C. kill -s kill 0
D. Both B and C
Ans: D

48. Which of the following statement is true ?
A. echo $$ return PID of login shell and echo $? return status of last command
B. echo $$ return status of last command and echo $? return PID of login shell
C. echo $$ and echo $? return some integer value of no significance
D. All of the statements are false
Ans: A

49. Priority of the process can be changed using which of the following command ?
A. nice
B. chpriority
C. renice
D. Not allowed to change process priority
Ans: C

50. In _______ state of a process, the process will be terminated and the information will still be available in the process table.
A. Interruptible
B. Uninterruptible
C. Zombie
D. Running
Ans: C

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