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Frequently Asked ADO.NET Interview Questions and Answers

31 :: If a table contains 20000 records . In a page at each time 100 records to be displayed. 
What are the steps u will take to improve performance? will you use dataset or datareader?
we have to use a dataset because on using datareader forward only paging can be achieved.
Suppose if you are at 1000 page and you want to go back to 999th page, if you use datareader it cannot be achieved, since it does not support backward navigation.
Dataset supports forward and backward navigation

32 :: What is data access layer?
Data Access layer is actually a part of Architecture layer. It has 2 tier,3 tier or N tier Layer. Generally we use 3 tier Layer 1) Presentation layer,Business Logic layer and then Data Access Layer. Data Access layer is a medium to talk between database and Business Logic layer.
It helps to maintain flexibility,resuablity and even secuity also. In security SQL Injection can be stopped with 3 iter Archietcture.

33 :: What are the different row versions available in table?
There are four types of Rowversions.


The current values for the row. This row version does not exist for rows with a RowState of Deleted.

Default :

The row the default version for the current DataRowState. For a DataRowState value of Added,

Modified or Current, the default version is Current. For a DataRowState of Deleted, the version is Original.
For a DataRowState value of Detached, the version is Proposed.
Original:The row contains its original values.
The proposed values for the row. This row version exists during an edit operation on a row, or for a
row that is not part of a DataRowCollection.

34 :: What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?
Datareader and Dataset are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET

35 :: What we do with the object of dataset after using it?Can we dispose it or can we set it nothing?Is it must or not?
we use dispose

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