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Experienced QA (Quality analyst) Interview Questions and Answers

6. What is Change Request? 
This is a Change Control mechanism for managing changing changes/enhancements outside the scope of a particular project or release you are working on.
E.g I'm working on project A, with requirements H,K,L,P. These are all the requirements we budgeted for for this realese anything outside of it is scope screep and thus will require a change request for it to be included at a later stage and properly managed and tracked.

7. How to write the test cases for history of chat? 
in settings there will be option like record chat click on record chat and chat with somebody the chat should be recorded that is after some days when you click on chat history it should be visible (the chat data)
change to don't record chat
when you chat with somebody the chat should not be recorded

8. What is Context Driven Testing in Agile Method? 
Context-driven testing is a paradigm for developing and debugging computer software that takes into account the ways in which the programs will be used or are expected to be used in the real world. In order to successfully conduct this type of testing, software developers must identify the intended market and evaluate the environments in which people are likely to employ the product. Context-driven testing is sometimes considered a "flavor" of agile software development.
A program that works well for one person in a given situation might prove inadequate or inappropriate for another person or situation. For example, a word processor with mathematical symbols and a set of tools for positioning and manipulating them might be ideal for a college professor writing a physics textbook but cumbersome and annoying for a novelist. Conversely, a simple text editor may be preferred by the novelist but be rejected by the professor. Context-driven testing revolves around the fact that there is no single "best solution" that applies to all cases. In addition, it takes into account the fact that complex software projects often evolve in unpredictable ways. Context-driven testing is based on the notion that a computer program should be treated as a solution. It follows that if a program does not resolve the problem or situation it is meant to address, then it cannot be considered a success.
Advantages of context-driven testing include enhanced user-friendliness of the end product, optimized functionality for intended users and adaptability of the product to changing markets and social values. The context-driven methodology does not necessarily work well in all situations. Other approaches might prove better for developers who are under the direct supervision and control of an autocratic "boss" who takes responsibility for the results of work done. Context-driven testing would likely prove superfluous in stable environments where conditions rarely or never change.

9. Tell me In which of the software testing phase is QA involved & QC not involved? 
QA is quality assurance and QC is quality control. The first one is preventive action later is detective. So QA is generally involves in assuring that no detect goes in product. QA compromises of
1.Static Code anaysis
2.Reviews(Formal and informal) While QC comprises of
1.Dynamic Code anaysis

10. Explain insurance project modules,and what we need to test on which functionality? 
There are 4 core modules in any Insurance application .

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