Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Experienced Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

16. How to test an application which is developed for multiple languages for e.g. a web application which is for English, Chinese, Japanese, french? 
Language Testing is very important for any application. for testing an application for different languages with out any tools we can do testing in following way:
In IE ...
STEP 1 : Open an new IE browser
STEP 2 : Open Toolstab -> select Internet Options
STEP 3 : In General Tab -> select language (Available in Appearance header)
STEP 4 : Click on Add and select a language and place it at top navigating with move up button.
IE will convert to language selected and we can test according to requirements and specification.

17. What is intelligence testing? 
the testing done with our knowledge is called intelligence testing

18. Tell me some test cases on mobile features testing and feature interaction testing? 
Their are so many mobile core applications Few TCs for feature interaction could be like
1.To able to receive calls while browsing in contacts.
2.To be able to attach photos in messages from gallery
3.To be able to receive calls while taking launching camera
4.To be able to receive Alarm notification in setting applications

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