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Experienced Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

31. How would you make most sense out of the Business requirements to the developers?
 The following steps will detail out the procedural way of professionally dealing with this:? Identify the scope of the project.? Take out the key features expected by the client. Reason out the most critical aspects of the system that has to be built.? Depict the business use oriented UML diagram and derive it further to the specificity of what is needed from the technology side of development.? Detail out the use cases that will make the input from client clear to the developers. Refinement should always be done with peer discussions.? Activity, work-flow and data-flow diagrams are of immense importance in detailing out the requirement. Identifying the best modeling technique and representation of the deciphered Client input will finally go through to the Development team across series of meetings

32. What are the most important software tools that BA should be accessing to coordinate the team through the project?
 The most important tools are meant for diagrammatically representing the project through its various phases. In this sense, the most important software tools are:? MS-Word : Requirement gathering and discussions will customers will mostly be through Word documents, be it the marketing or business document.? MS-Visio: This will be one of the most important tool that every BA has to have knowledge about. This will help you coordinate the project at every level of development.? IBM-Rational Suite: This is a good tool to get good representations of requirements gathering and other functional diagrams.? Other Testing Tools: Most of the time it is better to get involved in the QA tests as a Business Analyst. So a good knowledge about the QTP, Load Runner etc will be of use. Other than these, MS SharePoint, SQL databases will also find good use in the career of the Business Analyst.

33. How does a Business Analyst play an important role in the initial stages of the project?
 To do it right the first time, has always been the motto for projects that are running under a tight schedule. To find out the right requirement thus is important. Translating the requirements from client to the developers is essential for the project to kick off on the right note. If this stage goes off-track, then you can be jeopardising the future of the entire project.

34. What are the different documents that can come across to the Business Analyst?
 The documents that are responsible to be completed as a Business Analyst may include:? Study of Feasibility.? Scope & Prospect of Project.? Business Requirements Document.? Functional Requirements document including UML, Activity and dataflow diagrams.? Fact sheet for constraints from technical side (as prescribed from client).? Testing phase documents including QA Test requirements, plan and types of tests that have to be considered before delivery.

35. What do you offer to show as your experience that will come into relevance to thisorganization?
 Primary experience/skill of mine that would come into play in this organization is my domain knowledge. This organization deals with the same kind of projects that I have had good exposure to. The educational qualification of mine is sure to show you the different aspects of business that I have gotten to know right from the college. So the experience over the past few years have just honed my skills better to be a Business Analyst.

36. How should the requirements be to proceed with the project in the best way? What if the client does not give you the technical side of the requirement?
 The requirements that we obtain from client have to be clear, descriptive at the necessary places. The requirements should be verified to be consistent. The Business Analyst has to understand it clearly to proceed on with feasibility checks. The client may not give the technical details. But the main thing is to gather the business oriented expectations clearly. We can decipher the technical requirements by analyzing the clear business requirements.

37. What are the things that have to be considered while writing a Business document?
  Never should we bring out the small glitches on the top. We have to see through the eyes of the business persons and should always try to instill confidence in them, as much as we have on ourselves. As what they expect is the outer level of details, we should bring out the expectation, assumptions and other such criteria into picture clearly.

38. How can a BA be of assistance to the marketing team?
 The BA has a good share of both business knowledge and technical knowledge pertaining to a specific domain. So when it comes to marketing a product or procuring a project, he can give his views and prospect oriented perspective in a more acceptable manner to the customers. This makes him a good advantageous role in marketing department of an organization.

39. BA is the bridge between the IT and Non-IT persons when it comes a software system. Does it mean that decision making responsibility can be rested his hand entirely?
  No, that is not the advisable case. Every BA has to take the decision regarding business/technical aspects of a project only after discussions and meetings with the appropriate members of the team. In this way meetings and team discussion come off as the most important aspects of BA’s decision making capabilities.

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