Thursday, 24 September 2015

50 Top Linux Objective type Questions and Answers

1. Maximum how long can a Linux filename be?
A. 128 bytes
B. 255 bytes
C. 32 bytes
D. 64 bytes
Ans:  B

2. Which combination of keys is used to exit from terminal?
A. Ctrl + t
B. Ctrl + z
C. Ctrl + d
D. Ctrl + e
Ans:  C

3. Which command(s) is/are used to get help about a command in Linux?
A. info
B. man
C. None of these
D. Both a and b
Ans:  A&B

4. Which of the following OS is not based on Linux?
A. Ubuntu
B. Redhat
C. CentOs
Ans:  D

5. Which command is used to get the kernel version in Linux?
A. uname -r
B. kernel
C. uname -n
D. uname -s
Ans:  A

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