Thursday, 24 September 2015

45 Top Firebird Interview Questions and Answers

1. Can I concurrently access a Firebird database with embedded and with regular server? 
If you mean it’s one database and two applications then: NO
If you mean it’s two databases and one application then: YES

2. how to activate all indexes in Firebird? 
If you run Firebird 1.x which doesn’t  have  EXECUTE BLOCK, you can run the following query:
select ALTER INDEX ‘||rdb$index_name|| ‘ ACTIVE:’
from rdb$indices
where rdb$system_flag is not null and rdbSsystem_flag 0

3. How to add remove, modify users using SQL? 
It is currently not possible. You need to use service API. Access to it is provided by most connectivity libraries (except ODBC).

4. How to change database dialect? 
While you could simply change a flag in database file it isn’t recommended as there’s much more to it. Different dialects have different ways of handling numeric and date operations, which affects all object that are compiled into BLR (stored procedures, triggers, views, computed fields, etc.) Fixing all that on-the-fly would be very hard, so the recommended way is to create a new database and copy the data. You can easily extract the existing database structure using isqi and then copy the data using some of the tools

5. How to configure events with firewall? 
If firewall is on client, you don’t have to do anything special. If firewall is on the server, you need to set RemoteAuxPort setting in Firebird,conf file and forward traffic from firewall to that port.

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