Tuesday, 22 September 2015

18 TOP Mobile Testing Interview questions and Answers

1. How to do BLUE TOOTH setting? 
 1. Initially check the visibility of the device to others while trying to search your device (Master)
2. Try to pair with device.
3. Change the visibility time (Ex: On, 1min, 3 min etc)
4. Rename the device (Slave)and try to pair with same (Master)device and check for the name update in Master
5. Transfer of files from Master to slave and slave to master
6. Connect the call via BT headset
7. Try to pair with maximum devices allowed to pair
8. Try to share the files with all the maximum paired devices at a time
9. Check that BT can be invoked from Multimedia applications while trying to send the media/files
10. Try to send the contact via BT

2. What is MT SMS Message? 
In general terms, if you send any SMS message and if you get SMS response for that message, then the sending message is called Message Originate(MO) and the response SMS message you receive is Message Terminate(MT).

3. What is MO SMS Message? 
Mo SMS Message means mobile originated SMS, i.e. the sms is composed and sent from the Handset Under Test

4. Explain what is actual mobile testing and in realtime how this testing happens? 
Mobile Testing:
Now a days,mobile market i s growing with a gr8 speed.So many of the vendors is starting developing the applications which runs on a mobile device.The ppl in countries like U.S,U.K,Europe are using smart phones which have similar functionality like the PC.If we want to login into Yahoo messenger we should have a PC,but now Yahoo messenger is developed for the mobiles also.So it is very comfortable to the users who wants to use this kind of applications from their place on the mobile device,instead using a PC.
Now how yahoo is working on different mobile phones,n how the UI should be tested by the testers.

5. What is the difference between User Agent and Simulator? 
User Agent identifies the mobile internals i.e. Make,Model,Resolution ect.User Agent is mandatory while downloading appropriate contents onto mobile, whereas a simulator is used to test the downloading process using various user agents to check whether a device is recognized and specific content/build is sent through OTA.

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