Wednesday, 23 September 2015

15 Top Ethical Hacking Objective type Questions and Answers

1. Scanning is performed in which phase of a pen test?
 A. Pre-attack
 B. Attack
 C. Post-attack
 D. Reconnaissance
Ans:  A

2. What will an open port return from an ACK scan?
 D. Nothing
Ans: A

3. Your target system is behind a firewall. Using hping2, you craft SYN packets to send with a hop count capable of reaching the host. You then send these packets out with port numbers from 1 to 1024. What action are you performing?
 A. Firewalling
 B. Firewalking
 C. Passive footprinting
 D. XMAS scan
Ans:  B

4. What is the preferred communications method used with systems on a bot-net?
 B. E-mail
Ans:  A

5. Which of the following best describes a distributed denial-of-service attack?
 A. A DoS against an entire subnet, affecting multiple systems
 B. A DoS against multiple systems across an enterprise network
 C. A DoS against similar systems in different target networks
 D. A DoS carried out by multiple systems
Ans:  D

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