Monday, 31 August 2015

Top 50 Auto cad 2D Objective Type Questions & Answers

1. When drawing in 2D, what axis do you NOT work with?
A. X
B. Y
C. Z
Ans: C

2. The primary difference between the Model tab and the Layout tab(s) is ____.
A. the Model tab is used for drawing in 3D and a Layout is used for drawing in 2D
B. the Model tab is where you create the drawing and a Layout tab represents the sheet that you will plot or print on
C. the color of the background
D. the Model tab displays the drawing you are copying from and the Layout tab is where you lay out the new drawing
Ans: B

3. Which of the following is NOT a property of an object
A. Line weight
B. Measure
C. Hyperlink
D. Elevation
Ans:  B

3. Which command convert discrete objects in polyline
A. Union
B. Subtract
C. Join
D. Polyline
Ans: C

4. To print the entire project, you will choose to regulate what to plot
A. Display
B. Extends
C. Limits
D. Window
Ans: C

5. What is the usefulness of viewports
A. Allows us to see the screen or on paper different views of the same project
B. Give us the ability to see projects have become a newer version of AutoCAD from our
C. We can make a change in one part of the plan, without affecting the rest
D. None of the above
Ans: A

6. What is the difference between the Scale command from the command Zoom
A. Scale for single object, while the Zoom whole plan
B. No difference
C. H Scale can grow / shrink a shape up 10 times, while the Zoom has no limits
D. H Scale changes the size of objects, while the Zoom changes the visibility of the project
Ans: D

7. When to fix a block attribute
A. Before you fix the block
B. When I make the block
C. After fix the block
D. No matter the number
Ans: A

8. What you cannot create from the command Offset
A. Vertical straight
B. Concentric circles
C. Three parallel lines
D. Parallel arcs
Ans: A

9. By what symbol shows the snap point to the closest point
A. with circles and dots in the center
B. With two triangle
C. With three orthogonal
D. With Diamond
Ans: C

10. Which state grid is use to design perspective
A. Parametric
B. Isometric
C. Pro-optic
D. Rectangular
Ans: B

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