Monday, 31 August 2015

Top 50 Assistent Architecture Objective Type Questions And Answers

1. perpendicular offset form the junction of transition curve and curricular curve to the tangent is equal to
A. shift
B. two times the shift
C. three times the shift
D. four times the shift
Ans: D

2. If the radius of circular curve is five times the length of the transition curve, then the spiral angle is given by 
A. 1/5 radian
B. 1/10 radian
C. 1/20 radian
D. 1/40 radian
Ans: D

4. If an upgrade of 1-5% is followed by a downgrade of 0.5% and rate of change of grade is 0.2% per 20m chain, then the length of vertical is 
A. 100m
B. 200m
C. 300m
D. 400m
Ans: B

5. By plane table surveying 
A. field work alone is possible
B. plotting alone is possible
C. both field work and plotting has are possible simultaneously
D. both field work in the field and plotting on office are possible
Ans: C

6. The plots intended for residential purposes in a municipal area should not be less than 
A. 80 m2
B. 120m2
C. 160m2
D. 200m2
Ans: D

7. The plot size in residential layouts in corporation limits for row housing in m2 is 
A. 50-100
B. 100-150
C. 150-200
D. 200
Ans: A

8. In the double application of principle of reversion, the apparent error is 
A. equal to true error
B. half the true error
C. two times the true error
D. four times the true error
Ans: D

9. The maximum value of centrifugal ratio on roads and railways respectively are taken as 
A. 1/4 and 1/6
B.1/6 and 1/8
C. 1/4 and 1/8
D.1/8 and ¼
Ans: C

10. Agonic line is the line joining points having 
A. Zero declination
B. minimum declination
C. maximum declination
D. declination
Ans: A

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