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TOP 44 Active Directory Objective type Questions and Answers pdf

1. A ------------------group is a group that contains the same users as an OU. (Fill in the blank)
A. Operation
B.  Administration
C. Primary
D. Shadow
Ans: D

2. ACL stands for Access Control List
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

3. How do you create a group by using Active Directory Users and Computers snap- in?
A. Left click the OU in which you want to create a group, select New, and choose Group.
B. Right click the OU in which you want to create a group, select New, and choose Group.
C. This can only be done in the registry editor.
D. You can create a group by typing MSCONFIG in the Run box.
Ans: B

4. LDIFDE is a defragment tool in all versions of Windows Server.
A. False
B. True
Ans: A

5. The Dsadd command –secgrp {yes | no} specifies group type: security (yes) or distribution (no).
A. False
B. True
Ans: B

6. What option can you use to prevent deleting a group in Windows Server 2008?
A. You could prevent this by formatting the hard drive.
B. You can prevent deleting a group by restarting the computer.
C. Protect object from accidental deletion.
D. Use /noreboot to prevent deleting a group.
Ans: C

7. There are two types of groups in Active Directory.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

8. What default group has the right to log on locally, start and stop services, perform backup and restore operations, format disks, create or delete shares, and even power down domain controllers?
A. Server Operators
B. Schema Admins
C. Enterprise Admins
D. Backup Operators
Ans: A

9. How many group scopes are there in Active Directory?
A. Three
B. Zero
C. Ten
D. Five
Ans: A

10. What is the basic syntax for Dsrm?
A. dsrm ObjectND.,,(subtree-(+exclude)) (+yesprompt) (*c)
B. dsrn ObjectDN.<*subtree-exclude*> noprompt – c
C. dsrm ObjectDN…[-subtree [-exclude]] [-noprompt] [-c]
D. dsrm ObjectN…. [-subtree [-exclude]] [noprompt] [c-]
Ans: B

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