Monday, 31 August 2015

Top 16 Cash Handling Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

1. What is a slide?

A. When you change teller drawers
B. When you switch numbers (56/65)
C. When you add or leave off zeros (correct answer)
Ans: C

2. You should always verify money received from: (Choose all that apply)

A. Another teller (correct answer)
B. The vault (correct answer)
C. Customers (correct answer)
D. Night drop (correct answer)
E. All of the Above
Ans: E

3. Some of the features on a bill include: watermarks, micro-printing, security threads and color shifting ink.

A. True (correct answer)
B. False
Ans:  A

4. When is money considered mutilated? (Choose all that apply)

A. Badly Soiled (correct answer)
B. Corner is missing
C. Badly Torn (correct answer)
D. Badly Worn (correct answer)
Ans: A,C,D

5. Accuracy is more important than speed.

A. True (correct answer)
B. False
Ans:  A

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