Sunday, 30 August 2015

Top 16 Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Objective Type Questions & Answers

1. Which statement is true about flattening transparency in a native PDF document and flattening
transparency in Distiller?
A. Live transparency is automatically flattened by Distiller.
B. Transparency CANNOT be flattened in a native PDF.
C. You CANNOTflatten transparency from within Distiller.
D. Flattened transparency is NOT recognized by Distiller.
Answer: C

2. You have created a presentation in PowerPoint. You want to post it on the Internet, where it will be accessed by members of your traveling sales force. Which Application Setting in the Adobe
PDFMaker dialog box should you select to make this document available to the largest number of
A. Save Slide Transitions in Adobe PDF
B. Convert Multimedia to PDF Multimedia
C. PDF Layout Based on PowerPoint Printer Settings
D. Enable Accessibility and Reflow with Tagged PDF
Answer: D

3. What happens when you select Optimize for Fast Web View in the File Options section of the
General panel in Distiller?
A. Color photographs aredownsampled.
B. The PDF file is structured.
C. The Postscript file's resolution is queried.
D. Thumbnails are generated.
Answer: B

4. Which is searched by default in a PDF document by using either the Find toolbar or the Search
PDF window?
A. document properties
B. form fields
C. XMP metadata
D. object data
Answer: B

5. What is the most efficient way to create a PDF document from a Word document suitable for high quality print production and/or separation?
A. use the Adobe PDF printer and choose the Smallest File Size job option
B. usePDFMaker and choose the Press Quality job option
C. create PDF from File in Acrobat and choose the High Quality job option
D. use Distiller and choose the Standard job option
Answer: B

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