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Top 100 Case Manager Objective Type Questions And Answers

1.Which of the following is a responsibility of a case manager:

A. Avoid subject material in documentation.
B. Making medical decisions if the patient is unable to do so.
C. Obtain medical services for an incapacitated patient.
D. Obtain financial services for an incapacitated patient.
Ans: A

2. After obtaining work capacity documentation:

A. The case manager should perform job analysis.
B. The case manager should determine whether an IME is appropriate.
C. The case manager should determine appropriateness of work-hardening process.
D. The case manager should submit documentation to the employer and insurance company.
Ans: D

3. What is meant by  annulus:

A. It is a sign of a herniated disc.
B. It is the outer portion of an intervertebral disc.
C. It is the inner portion of an intervertebral disc.
D. It is a medical procedure which is not common due to pain involved.
Ans: B

4. A meaning of the root word "myel" is:

A. Spinal cord
B. Muscle
C. Cartilage
D. Largeness
Ans: A

5. Which of the following are bisphosphonates used to prevent and treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women?

A. Evista and fosamax
B. Alendronate and risedronate
C. Estrogen and raloxifene
D. Estrogen and alendronate
Ans: B

6. A transfer penalty:

A. Is only incurred if assets are given away to a spouse.
B. Is a period of time during which enrollee is not eligible for Medicaid.
C. Is incurred when enrollee has given away assets; enrollee is no longer eligible for Medicaid.
D. Is a penalty fine incurred when the enrollee has given away assets.
Ans: B

7. What is the Out of Area (OAC)?

A. Physicians who are located outside a prescribed geographic radius
B. Treatment that is only available at a facility that does not lie within the geographic radius included in the subscribed healthcare plan
C. The treatment received by a member of a health care plan when he/she is out of the network coverage area
D. Hospitals and facilities that are outside the geographic boundaries of the available approved providers
Ans: C

8. In which model is care only reimbursed when paneled providers are used?

A. EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization)
B. IPA (Independent Practice Association)
C. Group Model
D. Staff Model
Ans: A

9. What is meant by Functional impairment:?

A. It is an indicator of crisis likelihood.
B. It is the temporary exchange of roles to cope with a disability.
C. It is the ability of a client's family to provide for the client's needs and still function.
D. It is when overwhelming distress hinders coping ability.
Ans: A

10. The age group with the highest suicide rate:

A. Are people among the 10-24 year old age group.
B. Are white men over the age of 85.
C. Are people among the 10-14 year old age group.
D. Are people among the 15-24 year old age group.
Ans: B

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