Sunday, 30 August 2015

22 Top 4G Objective Type Questions & Answers

1) As of December 15th 2011 Verizon Wireless has brought 4G LTE to over ______ million people?
  A. a. 100
  B. b. 150
  C. c. 200
  D. d. 250
Ans: c

2) What are the average upload speeds of our 4G LTE network?
  A. a. 1-3 Mgps
  B. b. 2-5 Mgps
  C. c. 1-3 Mbps
  D. d. 2-5 Mbps
Ans: d

3) 4G LTE is ____ times faster than 3G?
  A. a. 5
  B. b. 10
  C. c. 15
  D. d. 20
Ans: B

4) What are the average download speeds for our 4G LTE network?
  A. a. 1-2 Mgps
  B. b. 5-12 Mgps
  C. c. 1-2 Mbps
  D. d. 5-12 Mbps
Ans: D

5) Which of these are not part of the characteristics of 4G?
(a) Software Dependency
(b) Fully Converged Services
(c) Diverse User Devices
(d) Ubiquitous Mobile Access
(e) Multirate management
Ans: e

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