Thursday, 5 February 2015

Technical Round UML Interview Questions and Answers (Part4)

Below are some important UML interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
16. What are UML Messages?
Specification of a communication

17. What is UML Architecture?
Takes care structural and behavioral aspect of a software system.
Includes software usage, functionality, performance, reuse, economic and technology constraints.

18. What are the three types of modeling in UML?

19. What is UML?
? UML is Unified Modeling Language.
? Graphical language for visualizing artifacts of the system.
? Allow to create a blue print of all the aspects of the system.

20. What are Relationships?
There are different kinds of relationships: Dependencies, Generalization, and Association. Dependencies are relations ships between two entities that that a change in specification of one thing may affect another thing. Most commonly it is used to show that one class uses another class as an argument in the signature of the operation. Generalization is relationships specified in the class subclass scenario, it is shown when one entity inherits from other. Associations are structural relationships that are: a room has walls, Person works for a company. Aggregation is a type of association where there is a has a relationship, That is a room has walls, no if there are two classes room and walls then the relationship is called a association and further defined as an aggregation.
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