Monday, 2 February 2015

Technical Round Flash Interview Questions and Answers (Part4)

16. Where to Start the Adobe Flash?
After you have installed Flash at your computer, you should go through the flash help that are included in the program. Start Adobe Flash, click Help in the menu and choose Lessons.

17. Is everyone required Flash Player plugin?
No because they do not like "blinking things" on their screens, some users choose to disable or not install Flash Player.

18. Explain the Flash vs. Animated Images and Java Applets?
Animated images and Java applets are often used to create dynamic effects on Web pages.
The advantages of Flash are as under:
* Adobe Flash loads much faster than animated images
* Flash allows interactivity, animated images do not
* Flash does not require programming skills, java applets do

19. How are _root and parent different?
"_root" is the main timeline of the currently active movie. "parent" is the container movie of the currently active movie clip.

20. Write a code sample to draw line between the given two points?
We use the "lineTo(x,y)" API. Here is the example code:
   var mc:Sprite = new Sprite();
    mc.x = 50;
    mc.y = 50;
This sample code defines a movie clip at (50,50), and draws a line from this point to (100,100). Now line is the mc. We can further draw more lines to other points also.
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