Thursday, 5 February 2015

TCS SAP HR Interview QUestions • SAP HR FAQs and Answers (Part2)

6. What is meant by authorization? Did you ever work on it?
A: Authorisations are the transactions given to the end users or the developers for only some areas to work, infotyopes, transaction codes, org units and others depending on the requirement of the client or the develping enterprise.  Check this at PFCG tcode.

7. What is the difference between Indian and US Payroll. (I said each of them have their own ITs and the taxation differs.)
A: Yes it correct and even you have to say about the Benefits which are more important in US. In US unemployment tax will come. Garnishments will come, Residence taxation, Work tax and others, you have to say it in broad way then only they can know that you are working, or confident enough.

8. Give me a brief description of the IT Tax.

9. How do you differentiate Tax for different countries?
A: Taxation has so many use exits to be created which means it all happens only from  the new versions which SAP Releases.

10.What is meant by slab? How is Indian slab and US slab? (He was talking about some %ages. I don't know what they are. )
A: Grouping of employees depending on their allowances and PERKS is nothing but Slab system and it also even comes  for  Professonal Tax
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