Thursday, 5 February 2015

SAP BW BI Latest Interview Questions with Answers Part2

Below are some important SAP BW interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
11) What is the dimension in BW? How would you optimize the dimensions?
A dimension in BW is a collection of reference information about a measurable event in data warehousing.  In this context, events are known as “facts”.  For example, a customer dimension’s attributes could include first and last name, gender, birth date etc.  To optimize the dimensions, do not add most dynamic characteristics into the same dimension and make the dimension smaller. Also, define as many dimensions as possible,  and the dimension should not exceed 20% of the fact table size.

12) What is partitioning and what are the benefits of partitioning in an InfoCube?
A) Partitioning is the method of dividing a table (either column wise or row wise) based on the fields available which would enable a quick reference for the intended values of the fields in the table. By partitioning an infocube, the reporting performance is enhanced because it is easier to search in smaller tables. Also table maintenance becomes easier.

13) What does Rollup do?
A) Rollup creates aggregates in an infocube whenever new data is loaded.

14) What are the inputs for an infoset?
A) The inputs for an infoset are ODS objects and InfoObjects (with master data or text).

15) What internally happens when BW objects like Info Object, Info Cube or ODS are created and activated?
A) When an InfoObject, InfoCube or ODS object is created, BW maintains a saved version of that object but does not make it available for use. Once the object is activated, BW creates an active version that is available for use.

16) What is the maximum number of key fields that you can have in an ODS object?
A) 16.

17) What is the specific advantage of LO extraction over LIS extraction?
A) The load performance of LO extraction is better than that of LIS. In LIS two tables are used for delta management that is cumbersome. In LO only one delta queue is used for delta management.

18) What is the importance of 0REQUID?
A) It is the InfoObject for Request id. OREQUID enables BW to distinguish between different data records.

19) Can you add programs in the scheduler?
A) Yes. Through event handling.

20) What is the importance of the table ROIDOCPRMS?
A) It is an IDOC parameter source system. This table contains the details of the data transfer like the source system of the data, data packet size, maximum number of lines in a data packet, etc. The data packet size can be changed through the control parameters option on SBIW i.e., the contents of this table can be changed.
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